Fresh Hare

Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd have one of their classic confrontations in a new setting: The snowy wasteland of Canada. This cartoon is notable for it’s very funny chase scene, as well as the regrettable use of blackface in the finale.

Falling Hare

Bugs Bunny meets one of his most deadly foes: the Gremlin. After (probably) sneaking his way onto an airfield, Bugs is lead to the brink of destruction by the little guy, before being saved by a little bit of deus ex rationing.

Superman: Electric Earthquake

Hey, you got your social commentary in my Superman! Hey, you got your Superman in my social commentary! That’s right, kids, a heapin’ helpin’ of Native American anger goes into this one.

Superman: The Magnetic Telescope

Well, for once, the scientist isn’t Mad, but that doesn’t mean Superman won’t have his work cut out for him as a magnificent magnetic telescope attempts to pull doom upon Metropolis from the sky itself.

The Bulleteers

Superman’s fists can pretty much wreck any plans you might’ve had about your face, the state of your organs, or which direction you thought you wanted to travel. Proof positive of this is Supes punching the hell out of a giant bullet-shaped car that can apparently fly. The nefarious Bulleteers, living high above Metropolis in a cave and dressing kind of like nuns nearly bring Superman to his comeuppance, but are foiled partially by Lois Lane beating their incredible bullet-car with a wrench. I am woman, hear me smash.

The Arctic Giant

Kryptonians and Dinosaurs are natural enemies in the wild, a little known fact, and one which was not lost on this episode’s writer, Tedd Pierce. Mr. Pierce went on to write a lot of animation, all the way up through the 80s, when he worked on that cinematic triumph of clip show goodness, Daffy Duck’s Quackbusters.

The Mechanical Monsters

Robots! Finally, we get Superman beating the hell out of some big robots, which was really the highlight of any Superman story in the 40s, let’s be honest. It’s always struck me as odd that the robot master just stood there and watches Superman destroy his (probably super expensive) robots, instead of getting the hell out of there. I’m not sure what he expected to happen. Add a madman with a mountain headquarters and amazing visuals that include exploding robots and you’ve the quintessential Superman short.

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